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Dynamic Text

The most important aspect of fiction writing—or any kind of text composition, for that matter—is the ability to draw in your readership with dynamic text. Even if you have a GREAT idea, you must remember that you are writing for and to a readership that has to understand and be captivated by your creative vision. It is not enough that an entire world resides within your mind. We will cater to your audience, who will seek to read more, be left on the edge of their seats at the end of each chapter (ideally, in between the lines, as well), and feel intricately and intimately connected to the characters that you and your collaborator bring to life. 

In other words, the positive reception of your reading audience hinges on the creation and evolution of the protagonists and supporting dramatis personae and what ultimately happens to them as a result of their actions and deeds. We will accomplish that objective seamlessly, right before your eyes.  

All the while, you maintain full creative control and have final-approval authority.

Custom-Tailored To Suit Your Vision

In tandem with character creation, plot development is also of the essence. Each story must have an overriding arc and leitmotif that serve your message. 

With your core theme as our foundation, we will build your narrative to resonate with your intent, while catching your audience unawares. The inevitable need not (and should not) be overtly stated throughout the narrative.  Rather, through subtle undertones, we will create MAGIC by introducing surprise elements and events that throw your readers off course. Then, all of the ‘missing pieces’ and unresolved issues will find resolution in our denouement—the ‘final curtain,’ leaving your readers gasping in disbelief, laughing, crying, experiencing the spectrum of emotions.

Throughout the process, you, the author, remain the prime mover—the orchestrator of your narrative symphony.

The 'Good Fit'

Another not-to-be-overlooked facet of fiction writing is to choose a ghostwriter who is right for your subject matter. GMG Ghostwriting Services does not accept projects that focus on any of the following:

  • Horror or Gothic text
  • Obscene, gruesome or unnecessarily graphic depictions
  • Defamatory materials
  • Content that appeals to the prurient interest 
Consult with your writing collaborator to ensure that you will be literally and metaphorically on the same page.


For a description of biographical and autobiographical fiction, please visit Live Write Now. us.



What Else Is Involved In the Process?

Creativity, Innovation, Commitment

We are committed to working closely with each author to produce texts worthy of presenting to any audience or literary agent. To that end, we respectfully request that the author remain in communication with the writing collaborator at least once, if not twice, every week. In turn, the writing collaborator promises to conduct interviews and produce chapters within a reasonable timeframe or as agreed upon at the outset of the process. The rights of “author” and “writer” are memorialized in a binding Agreement, which the parties must execute prior to the commencement of work. 

 Failure to communicate and provide information is counterproductive, and may result in a temporary lag or cessation of the project. Consistent momentum and mutual collaboration are essential ingredients for a successful product.

About Gabriella

Gabriella Gafni is an acclaimed, award-winning ghostwriter, specializing (among other genres) in literary and various types of fiction. Her background in language and literature and subsequent legal training have informed her love and aptitude for text composition. She loves to explore the reaches of the imagination, with a view to contributing to quality texts, with a human-interest slant. Her authors come from diverse backgrounds and cultures—thought leaders, philosophers, artists, and individuals who wish to contribute meaningfully to the collective experience.

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